Work of Art: How to Have Your Home Looking Gallery-Gorgeous

Great art needn't cost a fortune – these thrifty and creative ideas will have your home looking gallery-gorgeous without breaking the bank

Finding ‘that’ masterpiece for your home is not as daunting as you might think. It doesn’t have to be an artwork created by a master – it’s a work of art that you feel is a masterpiece. You do not have to know about fine art; you do not have to visit the most established art gallery; you do not have to spend a fortune; and you do not have to be an accomplished artist, stylist or photographer. ‘That’ masterpiece could be a painting, a sculpture, a series of photographs; an industrial installation, or a collection of craft work – it is highly personal and is something you respond to emotionally or connect with, bringing beauty or interest into your home.

Sometimes that masterpiece is right under your nose …

Armed with either a camera, your imagination, a good pair of walking shoes, a pencil and scissors, the desire to travel, or the passion for browsing craft and flea markets, you can find or create that masterpiece for your home. These ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

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