How to Store Your Clothes to Keep Them Looking Good Longer

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If you’ve ever had the shoulders of a favorite sweater stretched out by a hanger, or pulled a hopelessly wrinkled shirt out of a drawer, you know how important it is to get clothing storage right. The shift in seasons is a good time to reassess your wardrobe and the way you store your clothes. Read on for the how-to on what to fold, what to hang and where to stash your off-season gear.
Putting it all together: drawers, shelves, hangers and boxes. No matter the size of your closet, having a combination of these four main types of storage options is the best way to care for all of your clothes. In a small closet, you could have a short double hanging rod with high shelving above, dresser drawers in the bedroom and storage boxes under the bed. In a large walk-in closet, you could have all these components in one space.

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