How to Chose and Hang Art

Great art is wasted if hung at the wrong height or on the wrong wall. Here's how to hang art the right way

I love art. I often joke that my tiny apartment here is more an art gallery than a home, because truth be told, I have more art pieces than furniture! The great thing about art is it so easily makes a house a home. Take two homes with identical pieces of furniture and wildly different art pieces, and you’ll see how much of a statement art can make.

While many people believe art collecting is an expensive hobby, you’ll be surprised at the number of beautiful and affordable pieces there are in the market. When buying art, I have only one golden rule: buy what you love. Your home is a representation of you, and what you put on your walls should reflect that. Below I’ve outlined my top tips on how to properly hang art. I like to enlist the help of a handyman when hanging art, especially with arrangements requiring a more formal, symmetrical arrangement. It definitely isn’t a necessary spend, especially if you’re on a tight budget, but is much easier with two pairs of eyes.

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